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Things to See

Callaway Plantation
Washington Historical Museum
Robert Toombs House
Mary Willis Library
Kettle Creek Battle Field

Historic Churches:
 Church of the Mediator
 First Baptist Church
 First United Methodist Church
 Presbyterian Church

Historical Markers

Antiques in Georgia
and elsewhere!

  Fine antique furniture, collectibles, one-of-a-kind art... Small towns, such as Washington, offer a wonderful shopping atmosphere to discover antiques and the stories behind them. Many hours can be spent browsing for antiques, jewelry, pottery, porcelain (oh, to find that Wedgwood piece!) -- and in between, just soak up the historical sites.

In today's modern world, you may describe just about anything thatís old as an antique. In generic terms thatís true. In reality, antiques are products that are more than 100 years old or products that are rare enough to have some value. In other words, antiques are old items that are in limited supply.

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