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Things to See History Getting Here

A Brief History:
 1773 and before: Early Settlers
 1777: One of 8 Original Georgia Counties
 1779: Revolutionary War Battle
 1780: Washington Incorporated
 1780: Temporary Georgia Capital
 1790: Home to 38% of Georgia's Population
 1795: Eli Whitney & Cotton
 1865: Lost Confederate Gold
 1865: Last Meeting of Confederacy
 Legacies: Counties, Governors, Gospel
 Today: History Preserved

Lost Gold
Historical Markers
A List of Firsts

1773 and before: Early Settlers

Presbyterian Church   Pack traders and trappers were in the area presently known as Wilkes County and Washington, Georgia when intrepid families began arriving even before the colonization of Savannah, Georgia.

In June 1773, Governor Wright issued a broadside offering the rich, deep-loamed, well-watered hills of these ceded lands of northeast Georgia for headright settlement. Sturdy pioneers of English, Scotch-Irish, and German descent from the Carolinas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania brought their families into the Parish of St. Paul in the Province of Georgia to claim this favored earth.

The first forts were established near the confluence of the Broad and Savannah rivers just north of the present town of Washington, Georgia.

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