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Things to See History Getting Here

A Brief History:
 1773 and before: Early Settlers
 1777: One of 8 Original Georgia Counties
 1779: Revolutionary War Battle
 1780: Washington Incorporated
 1780: Temporary Georgia Capital
 1790: Home to 38% of Georgia's Population
 1795: Eli Whitney & Cotton
 1865: Lost Confederate Gold
 1865: Last Meeting of Confederacy
 Legacies: Counties, Governors, Gospel
 Today: History Preserved

Lost Gold
Historical Markers
A List of Firsts

1865: Lost Confederate gold

Hitching post   In April, 1865, what was left of the Confederate treasury, estimated at over half a million dollars in gold, left Richmond, Virginia under heavy guard. For more than a month the boxes and chests were moved from one southern town to another to protect it from seizure by the North. Twice the treasure was taken to Washington-Wilkes before it came back for a final visit, as Washington was the last town to shelter the fortune.

As the Confederacy fell apart, some of the fortune was captured with Davis in Irwinville, and northern troops seized $100,000 of the original amount stored in a Washington bank. To this day, legend persists that the balance of the Confederate Gold is buried somewhere in Wilkes County.

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