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Things to See History Getting Here

A Brief History:
 1773 and before: Early Settlers
 1777: One of 8 Original Georgia Counties
 1779: Revolutionary War Battle
 1780: Washington Incorporated
 1780: Temporary Georgia Capital
 1790: Home to 38% of Georgia's Population
 1795: Eli Whitney & Cotton
 1865: Lost Confederate Gold
 1865: Last Meeting of Confederacy
 Legacies: Counties, Governors, Gospel
 Today: History Preserved

Lost Gold
Historical Markers
A List of Firsts

1780: First to be named for George Washington

Lamp post from the town square   On January 23, 1780, in the midst of the hard and bitter fighting of the Revolution, the Executive Council ordered the town laid out in Wilkes County, Georgia. The council specifed that it was to be called Washington, making this the first town in the United States named for George Washington. The town was confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief of the American armies, as the first city chartered in his name, on his visit to Georgia in 1791.

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