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Washington-Wilkes Historical Museum

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Georgia Historical Marker Seal

  This museum shows the splendors of plantation life in Georgia before the War Between the States, displays relics, mementoes and keepsakes of the era that tried men's souls, and adds a fine collection of Indian relics for variety.

Washington had many ties with the Confederacy. The Confederate Cabinet held its last meeting just down the street. President Jefferson Davis met his wife and daughter in this city at the end of the war. Mr. Davis' field desk and camp chest are on display. The well-named, Last Cabinet Chapter of the U.D.C., has on display many precious keepsakes and mementoes of the war, together with Joe Brown Pikes, guns, swords, pistols, documents and pictures.

The big house dates back to about 1800. It was occupied after 1857 by Samuel Barnett, first Georgia Railroad Commissioner, and W. A. Slaton, forty-year occupant. Washington's benefactor, Dr. Francis T. Willis, half-brother of Mr. Barnett, lived with him here. Francis T. Willis moved to Richmond, Va. in his later years but told his sons that he wanted his ante-bellum furniture returned to Washington when there was a place for it. Edward Fauntleroy Willis, brought the furniture from Richmond. It makes a beautiful display.

Located on East Robert Toombs Avenue at Grove Street in Washington, Georgia

GHM 157-31, 1960

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