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Taliaferro County Markers

The Common Road of the English Following Old Indian Trail
Chivers Plantation & Store
The Church of the Purification - Locust Grove Academy
Confederate Gun Shop
Crawfordville Academy Alexander Stephens Institute
Crawfordville Baptist Church
Crawfordville Methodist Church
Brig. Gen. Aaron Grier, Grave
Robert Grier, Astronomer
Indian Mounds
Richard Malcolm Johnston, Childhood Home
Roselle Mercier Montgomery
Old Tavern Site
Ray's Place Now Raytown
Raytown Methodist Church
South Liberty Presbyterian Church
Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Birthsite
Taliaferro County

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Revolutionary War
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Lincoln County Markers

Indian Mounds
Georgia Historical Marker Seal

  Near this highway are three Indian mounds, great cairns of white stone on the east-west ridge of a high hill rising from the headwaters of the Ogeechee River. Presumably burial or ceremonial mounds, they are surrounded by many small rock cairns. The last Indians to occupy this area were an alien tribe, "Yuchis" or "Children of the Sun." Supposedly Iroquois-Mohawk origin, they spoke the language of the Sioux. A warlike race, they constantly fought the Creeks and Cherokees and were driven west of the Chattahoochee River in the Yamassee War of 1715.

Located on US 278/GA 12 in Robinson, Georgia

GHM 131-10, 1956 NOT STANDING

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